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Martindale performs Dead Man's Dance, from the album Warrior, live at Blue Grotto Sound-- Nashville, TN.
Martindale shares her personal story behind Dead Man's Dance & how her experience with addiction changed her life. 
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More than a songwriter.  There is courage in her pulse.  An aching wisdom in her voice.  A woman whose music has the stripped down, real-deal beauty that comes from risking everything.  Not bowing even to the indie idol of irony, her crisp, sultry voice answers only to honesty, and is its own license to croon. Her songs spring from an undeniable passion, in the old-school, sweating-blood sense of the word. 

She hails from Carolina woods and the SoCal coast, has been behavioral therapist, rising HR guru, struggling artist and has sometimes sprinted, sometimes staggered through seasons of life. She knows now what to do with her voice.  

She is equal parts songstress and careful crafter of melody, but as she sings she creates connection—with her listener, now present in the strangeness of intimacy.  Her songs become the sowing grounds for gathering—they are an invitation to hope and strive with the tribe-building spirit of dream-chasers and risk-takers, an invitation to confront and surrender, to experience the beauty of the human heart when it opens.  

Jessica Martindale is the kindest friend I’ve known, the most open book a husband could read, and what she is building is a celebration beyond her. Building with style and beat and soul; Americana roots and Motown Momma’s; stories to tell the world from the world; an honest edge-folk sound for the car ride, the kitchen dance-party and the concert hall.  I invite you to build with her and join stories. Fill her videos with footage from your phone. Pour your heart into her lyrics. She can't wait to meet you.


Biography by Kyle Martindale, her guy.

Photography by Asthin Paige.

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